STEELCON since its modest inception in 1974 has steadily progressed as a Steel Fabricator and has acquired vast experience in fabrication works for Process Plants, Power Plants, Fired Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Skids, Pressure Vessels, Piping Works and Mechanical Plant Erection, Installation Works.

For the last 10 years, the company has had significant involvement in fabrications and site installation works for Reformers, Cold Collectors, Cracking Units, Waste Heat Systems, Reboilers, Platformers, Charge Heaters, Steam Superheaters and Reactor Feed Heaters.

These fabrications have been exported to various countries around the world. In addition to the steel fabrications, the company has also attained competency in installing Refractory works ranging from Brickworks to Ceramic Fibre - Block, Blankets and Castables; which are complementary to Heaters works.

In the course of the execution of works for Industrial Heaters, the company has developed a comprehensive list of WPS/PQR's for a wide range materials such as - carbon steel of thickness up to 5 "; stainless steels - 304, 316, 321, 347, 309, 310; alloy steels - P11, P5, P22, P9, P91; unassigned materials - HP40, 800HT. In addition the company has also developed and worked on a wide range of WPS/PQR's for dissimar materials.

STEELCON is an ASME authorized 'U' & 'S' Stamp Fabrication Shop with ASME audited Quality Control Systems. STEELCON's wide experience in Pressure Vessels fabrication has given the organization and employees an opportunity to be closely familiar with ASME Code and requirements. As a Company STEELCON endeavors to excel in Producing Quality Fabrication Works, with a willingness to adopt to improvements and to maintain excellent customer/marketing service.


Syarikat Steelcon Sdn Bhd (SSSB) was incorporated as a private limited company on 29th June 1974. It started with core business as a steel fabricator employing about 10 workers. Founding shareholders were directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. Through hard work and perseverance, the company grew and expanded into specific areas. Firstly, SSSB made its way into palm oil mills, then advanced into palm oil refineries. At this stage, SSSB was able to design, fabricate, install and commission palm oil mills and palm oil refineries. During year 1988, SSSB made its major step by aquiring Apex Engineering Sdn Bhd. This move enabled SSSB and Apex to merge and consolidate the palm oil engineering industry under one group, thus become a major player within this industry.

SSSB made its first step into oil and gas arena during 1989, when at that time this area was dominated by overseas players. A humble local engineering company became a fabricator for slugcatcher plant awarded by Esso Production Malaysia Incorporated. From then on, SSSB gained its strong footings in oil and gas engineering industry; aquiring engineering expertise in both downstream and upstream of oil and gas industry.

In this area of business expansion and diversification, SSSB expanded into other industries, i.e. power & energy. The group of companies went into a consolidation and restructured into the existing corporate status.

Existing Structure & Group Activities

During 2004, the group embarked a restructuring exercise. This restructuring enables the group of companies to be appropriately positioned in order to reflect each core business nature. This corporate structure divides the group's business into 2 main activities, i.e. Engineering And Power & Energy.

In line with the stringent requirements of oil and gas industries in the world, SSSB has certification from The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for manufacture of power boilers and pressure vessels.

In SSSB, a team of experienced engineers backs up the technical know-how of these special fields. These engineers comprise both local and foreign expatriates


Apex Engineering - Power & Energy

Apex Engineering is involved in power and energy engineering industry.
Main activities involved are:

  • Supply of refurbished generator sets
  • Mechanical and Electrical installation of generator sets
  • Overhauling of generator sets
  • Design and Erection of coal fired power plant

Ultimately, Apex Engineering is envisaged to be involved in all aspects of power generating systems namely hydro, coal fired, medium and heavy fuel fired. It is also looking at aquiring technology in green energy areas.

Syarikat Steelcon Sdn Bhd - Engineering

Today, SSSB provides a wide scope of services, ranging from turnkey contracts of plants and facilities, QA/QC services, steel fabrication works mechanical erection works and others. Projects undertaken include:

Palm Oil:

  • Palm oil mill design, erection and commission
  • Tank farm for palm oil mill and refineries


Oil & Gas:

  • Gas and oil Piping
  • Pressure vessels for crude oil platforms
  • Pressure vessels for filters
  • Heaters and heat exchangers in petro-chemical plants
  • Heat recovery system in petro-chemical plants
  • Cracking furnace in oil refining and petro-chemical plants
  • Tube boilers
  • Flare system in petro-chemical plants, etc.


Steelcon Group Bhd.

Steelcon Group Bhd.

Main Organization chart

Main Organization Chart

Technical Department

Technical Department

Finance & Admin Department

Finance & Admin Dept



The Company provides a wide scope of services in the engineering and steel fabrication works as listed below:

  • Supply, fabrication and construction of storage tanks.
  • Supply, fabricate and installation of steel structures, process skids, heaters, heat exchangers, pipe spools and other process packages/modular units.
  • Erection of plant equipment and piping construction works for process plants, crude oil products tankage for refineries and petroleum depots, pipe laying and works pertaining to LPG and natural gas reticulation.
  • Supply, install and commission gas and petroleum pipelines.
  • Insulation works-Hot, cold and acoustic.
  • Maintenance works including all major shutdown and turnaround works.
  • Sandblasting, painting and tank cleaning works.
  • Design, supply and installation of industrial, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Design, supply and installation of Palm Oil Mill.
  • Trading and engineering components and products.
  • Manufacture and trading in ceramic products.

equipment list

Units Type/Model Capacity
1 Bending Roll 10' x 1/2'
1 Bending Roll 8' x 1/4'
1 Bending Roll (Roundo) 8' x 1'
1 British Clearing Press 240 tons
2 Asquith Radial Drill 4'6"
3 Richmond Radial Drill 4'0"
1 K & W Radial Drill 5'0"
1 Elliot Shaper 18 stroke
1 Pearson Guillotine 10' x 1/2"
1 Pratt Guillotine 8' x 3/6"
1 Hydraulic Press 80 tons
2 Hydraulic Press 60 tons
1 Hydraulic Press 100 tons
1 Peddinghaus combine Puncher Std. 210-13  
40 Welding Rectifiers - TIG/ARC 400 amp
15 Welding Rectifiers - TIG/ARC 300 amp
2 Lincoln Submerged Arc Welding Set C /w Positioner (1) and Rotator (2) 800 amp
12 M.I.G Welding Set 350 amp
4 Overhead Traveling Crane 6.3 Tons
2 Gantry Cranes 10 Tons
1 Tadano Hydraulic Crane 20 tons
6 Diesel Driven Welding Generators 300 amp
3 Lincoln Arc Gouging Equipment 800 amp
1 Pipe Bending Machine (Drawing Type) 3" Dia.
1 Portable Hydraulic Puncher 1"0 x 5/8"
1 Rigid No. 300A Treading Machine 1/8"-2"0
1 Sky Climber 3/4 hp
1 Mass-Bending Roll 10' x 1 1/4"   
1 Pullmax Flanging Machine 9 hp
4 Lincoln Welding Generator 600 amp
6 Magnetic Drill 3/4" dia
3 Oxy - Acetylene Profile Cutters  
6 Oxy - Acetylene Straight Edge Cutters  
2 Beveling Machines  
2 Plasma Cutting Machines